Your Business Is Losing Money For Lacking a Website. Here Is Why.

Your Business Is Losing Money For Lacking a Website. Here Is Why.

A business without a website is losing business (don’t you just love the rhyme in that statement!) Okay okay, let’s get back to business! Check this out…82% of evergreen shoppers use the search engine before making a purchase decision. 53% of all shoppers say they always do research before they buy to ensure they are making the best possible choice. Wow, just wow! Nearly more than half of all shoppers use the search engine before making a purchase decision. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?…

The businesses that appear within the first page of search engine results will benefit from all the organic (free) traffic! Click To Tweet

Organic traffic is a goldmine! Why?, you ask. Organic traffic is important because it is very targeted. Users visiting your website from a search engine’s organic results have a very specific intent and if you can provide them with a solution or answer to their question, they are more likely to convert. A customer searching for Nike Shoes In Kenya is interested in Nike Shoes. They have their credit card in their hands. If your website is on the top search results and your offer is strong, you win new business, free of charge! Just ask Kickstore who attributes more than third of their revenues from organic traffic! 

This should be enough to get your blood rushing by the sudden realization of how much money your business is losing for lack of a website and/or for turning your back on performing search engine optimization on your existing website. If you are still unsure, keep reading…

  1. Having A Website For Your Business Establishes Credibility

Having a website speaks to your professionalism, it makes you more trustworthy and presentable. Many people think having social media pages is enough. It is not! Social media platforms are what they say they are, social! Use these platforms to keep up with trends and your customers. In this day and age, customers expect serious brands to have a website. At the back of their minds, this makes you more trustworthy and credible. Use your website to tell the world what sets you apart, your journey and aspirations.

While we are on the topic of credibility, consider having an email set up with your website URL. This looks more professional to any sponsors or clients you reach out to as compared to using a Gmail account for instance. 

  1. It Is The Backbone For All Online Marketing

A website is the backbone of your online presence. Your social media should complement your website, use your social platforms to drive followers to where it matters, your website. Before running ads on social media or Google, ensure you have a website. Once you have your website setup, you can then utilize online marketing strategies such as pay-per-click, display ads as well as paid social media ads to drive traffic to your website. A website opens doors for you to discover the many diverse digital marketing tools you can use to grow your business.

  1. A Website Is Accessible 24/7 From All Over The World

Raise your hand if you have ever been online shopping at odd hours of the night . You loved how easy that process was, right? Then why don’t you want to give your clients the same experience? Thanks to having a website, customers can shop at whatever time, unlike in-person where if the shop is closed, sorry, you will just have to wait till morning. Don’t get us started on the hustle of shopping on social media and having to wait till the next morning for the person to let you know if an item is still available or ask you to DM (Direct Message) for prices. On a website, it’s clear and easy to tell what’s available or sold out and how to pay for items. It also doesn’t require much from you or your team, people can log in even after work hours and make their purchase. How awesome is this!

  1. A Website Is An Added Revenue Stream For Your Business

A website is perfect for catering to people that are too busy to come to your store as well as serving people outside your area. Within a click of a button, they can swipe to find things in their size, preferred style, color, material, and price range. Customers can also get a better view of the products by including videos, text and images to showcase your products and services in detail on your website. You cannot get this luxury on a social media platform like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and the likes. Having a website is having a platform that can sell and receive payments to your bank account day and night without moving a finger! This is an additional source of revenue for your business that makes money while you sleep!

  1. A Website Is More Economical And Easy To Maintain Than You Think!

Developing and maintaining a website is cheaper than having a physical store. So many 21st century businesses especially those operating an ecommerce store can get by without having a physical store at all. In this day and age where most people prefer having their purchases delivered to their doorstep, it would make sense why brick and mortar businesses are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Unlike having a storefront where you have to pay rent, electricity and water bills, a website only requires an annual hosting and domain fees of about $50 – $100 on average. This is absurdly inexpensive! You can even pay as low as $35 with a hosting company like Hostpoa. Do check them out.

  1. Increases Your Leads Conversion 

As we mentioned in our e-commerce strategies for increased sales, one of the key advantages to having a website is that you can track the actions of each and every visitor to your site. You can then remarket to people who showed a certain level of interest in any of your products with the aim of getting them to make a purchase. This is something you can’t easily accomplish by only having a physical store. Think about it, how many times have people walked into your shop and said, I’ll come back later but then they never did. It’s easier to engage such people using a website. 

  1. Increases Users Investment And Engagement 

A happy customer = a return buyer plus referral to others. A website provides easy ways for people to interact with your content and also give feedback. You can use good reviews to sell yourself to the next lead and that might be what convinces them to make a purchase. In a world of like and share buttons, not having shareable information/assets is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. 

  1. Useful Resource Of Information

It is a useful reference point for documenting details that make you who you are. At Charleson Group, we love to share our knowledge with the world. Our blog section attracts numerous readers who have become our clients and fans. You can share information that is not only useful to potential clients but employees as well. You can display your portfolio, your charges, your booking calendar, your CSR events and so much more. This makes it a good reference point for anyone on the internet.

Over to you. We hope by now you have realized just how important a website is for your business. Use the information above to position yourself for success in this digital age. 

Need a website for your business? 

With numerous clients’ projects handling millions in our portfolio, we are confident that we have what it takes to help you implement a platform for digital sales that meets your needs. Charleson team has powered major businesses in East Africa using scalable platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and others. We can do the same for you. Reach out to us today on +254 707477506 for a discount.

If you already have a website and are looking to outrank all your competitors on Google, reach out to us too for professional SEO services. 

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