Stop Posting Crap! Learn The Strategies That Work

Quality over quantity is the name of the game. When it comes to content, be it an image or a video, you need to be intentional if you want to see your reach and engagement grow on social media. Whether it is for entertainment, education, or inspiration. The key to building your social media lies in a few things…

We at Charleson Group aim to help brands both big and small in growing their reach and engagement. This article is aimed at giving you full proof content strategies so that you’re not stuck reposting the same three ideas or worse spamming people with sales posts until they hit that tragic unsubscribe button.

The strategies shared are things that at the end of this article you should add to your Content calendar; learn more about content calendars in our previous blog. The beauty in having diverse content ideas is it gives you room to experiment. You can then study your analytics and pick what performs best moving forward.

Let’s get started 

  1. Produce Valuable Content

With so much information online, the key to setting yourself apart and getting noticed by people is by making sure you put out quality content. A business that operates without a content strategy loses out on growing their online presence. Make content that resonates with your target audience and content they can learn from. Such content is key to building a trusting relationship with your audience. Share your knowledge. For example, if you run a legal firm, use your platform to educate. Take Kiogora Mutai Advocates, for instance, if you visit their blog you will see this article addressing popular legal headlines in the country.  That is a very important topic that hits home across the board. Such information makes you relevant and worth following. 

Charleson Group’s tip. Authenticity sells. People resonate with that. Remember, share stuff that draws your audience in. It is not about what you like but what they like. 

  1. Utilize Storytelling

Stories always draw people in and allow them to put a face and emotion to a brand, they’re also a subtle way of pushing your brand without making it too obvious. A good example of a story to share would be on the history of the business. As well as getting to know the team behind the brand. Luckily, this is an angle you can exploit effectively on different platforms. Be it through video, pictures, or getting a little keyboard happy. Let’s take a look at 3 platforms. 

On Facebook. you can utilize the album feature. The best part about this is it allows you to get creative and gives you plenty of space to tell your story, not to mention, it accommodates both pictures and videos. This is a good get to know us for people to land on when they first come across your page. 

On Instagram. Use the stories feature. For example, collect video testimonials from clients or employees. E.g. on National holidays or special days in your niche calendar e.g. Customer Service Week use this to share testimonials, this is indirect marketing for you. You can also use these stories to host a virtual happy hour with clients and staff. The best part is Instagram stories can be saved to your highlights making it continuous content. Nivea for instance has been doing this really well by documenting clients’ stories on how and why they use Nivea products.

On Twitter. Twitter is a bit tricky to work with for storytelling given you’re limited to 140 characters. But a trick you can use is Twitter moments; this allows you to send out a bunch of tweets at a go. The best part is they can go a long way in increasing your visibility and engagement. 

  1. Share Tips and Tutorials

Tutorials make up a good portion of educational content. Valuable content = increase in engagement. Jamii Pishori Rice executes this perfectly. You can learn how to make the perfect rice dishes on their Instagram.

Charleson Group’s tip. Work with ideas that can be documented step by step in under a minute. Anything requiring in-depth details you can share via your website. 

  1. Quality Images 

Using relevant images that tie into your brand is effective in helping you showcase your products or services especially for businesses that rely on visuals.  Use high-quality images to communicate and you’ll see a change in bookings and overall engagement. And given the advancements in tech a good phone and lighting is enough to get things started.

Some good examples of companies that nail it when it comes to product visuals has to be Man Cave, Spenny Technologies or UrbanTap. Do check them out. 

  1. Video Content 

Why video works?

  • Helps increase your engagement. Videos are shared more than any other type of content.
  • They have a higher stopping point generation, compared to pictures people are likely to get to draw people’s attention more effectively. They are richer in that you can add texts, graphics, and music.
  • Lastly, the latter makes it perfect for creating promotional content.
  1. Authentic Interaction with Customers

Host live videos where customers can tune in and ask you questions. This provides you with a chance to engage with your customers. 

Another tactic is to make sure that you reply to any important messages or comments you get. And this includes criticism as well. Good brands are built on great customer service. These help you to get a better feel of your customers’ needs and how to meet them least you lose them to your competition. 

  1. Host Giveaways, discount codes or offers 

People love a good discount or better yet, free products. According to statistics by  Instagram accounts that hold contests grow their followers 70% faster on average than accounts that don’t. 

What would this article be without us leading by example! Reach out to us every Thursday for a 50% discount on all our web development services. 

Now, here are easy steps to hosting a giveaway on your socials.

  • Pick an item to put up for the giveaway 
  • List the terms and conditions that apply 
  • Provide the timeline of the contest and how the winner(s) will be announced.

You can choose to collaborate with another business on this and double the reach. But isn’t mandatory. Get creative!

  1. Use Infographics 

Perfect for visual teaching. It’s the easiest way to say a million things all in one graphic. Make them simple yet precise; don’t share too much data on a single graph. 

Share data relevant to your niche and audience. See this great template from Hubspot

  1. Host a Social Media Takeover 

This has become a really big deal. You basically have someone relevant take over your social media for say a day and engage your followers by either hosting a live video on your page. This is effective in keeping things fresh and also gives you an opportunity to land some followers from the said person’s following. 

  1. Conduct interviews

This can especially work great for live video content. Make these occasional and have someone that your followers would be drawn to on the video. For instance, if you run a clothing store, host a stylist or body image consultant to talk about their journey or style. 

  1. Use memes / Gifs 

Who doesn’t love a good meme? A little sense of humor will go a long way in livening things up. You can use memes to execute a marketing strategy. Allows you to promote yet humour people at the same time. Check some great examples from Charleson Group’s Instagram.

  1. Capitalize on trending topics

At this very moment in time, the #influencerchallenge is what’s trending but definitely a new trend will come up tomorrow and another the next day. The downside to trends is you need to move on them fast before the wave dies off. But they also give you an opportunity to give it your own spin and you might even see it reshared constantly and consequently lead back to clicks on your account. Just ask Azziad who blew up through a TikTok video of the banger Utawezana by Kenyan Stars Mejja and Femi One. 

  1. Show the behind the scenes

For example, if you are a photographer or an advertising agency. Your audience would love to see how the magic happens. 

Something as simple as showing guys small snippets of your office workspace or company team building sessions also helps to make followers feel involved and connected to you. 

  1. Share milestones 
  • Finally, opened a second in-store Branch? Share the good news
  • Have a new department? Share 
  • Launching a new product? Share! People like to be associated with success and builds to your resume in their eyes.

Now get to filling up that Content calendar! Our Social media marketing team is always available for consultation to help you come up with effective campaign strategies.

We’d also like to hear from you, what content has worked perfectly in growing your engagement? Share in the comments!

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