TBM Kenya; Digital Marketing Campaign

About This Project

TBM provides the best of breed technological solutions through partnering with leading international technology brands to enable businesses in adoption and utilization of IT.


One of the key solutions we offer at Charleson Group is we help improve brand image and visibility for our clients. Which was exactly what TBM was looking to spruce up when it came to their online presence.


The key objectives for this project included

  • To promote brand product offering, that being ‘Security’ and ‘Servers’ as well as generating new leads from potential as well as current clients interested in product and service offering.
  • Not forgetting, to build the company brand by creating more visibility for the services offered to all different clientele.

Target Market

The target market for this campaign was decision makers in industries: Financial Sector e.g Banks, SMEs etc. Public Sector e.g. Parastatals, Regulators etc. Organizations e.g. UN branches etc. and various professions such as CIO, IT Heads/Managers, Risk and Compliance, Innovators, Infrastructure etc.


We developed a digital marketing campaign that was aimed at increasing awareness of the brand on all major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn and consequently increase lead generation. How? You ask. Well a big part of a successful digital campaign involves designing ad-creative images and Gifs as well as E-posters.
Another key strategy we employed when it came to increasing new leads was developing landing pages on their website; we also added conversions funnel optimization on the website.


The campaign has been quite successful, generating numerous leads for TBM from across the region.
Numbers never lie, the campaign had 207,447 unique leads reached, 705 Messages & Sign-up Forms, 11.3% Conversion Rate. Most leads, about 11% signed up for IBM security solution

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