About This Project

Mpaya is the leading utility management company.


One of the biggest challenges most of the businesses that come to use face is having a high volume of leads but minimal conversions. Does that sound familiar?
Like most businesses, this was one of Mpaya’s biggest challenges.


Improving the brand image and initiating conversion driven campaigns.


In order to achieve this objective, we first redeveloped their website and gave it a fresh new look. We very well couldn’t fix the outlook of one thing and leave out the other, now could we? So we also worked on giving their social media platforms a new and improved professional look. To further deliver on our objective, we setup landing pages and conversion points on their website. As well as initiating conversion driven campaigns.


These combined efforts saw us deliver some exemplary results. Mpaya now boosts of more and very high quality leads, conversions which were their main challenge have now gone up by up to 20 %! Consequently, this has also seen an increase in sales.

Digital Marketing, SEO
Increased sales, leads conversions, SEO in Kenya

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