BNI East Africa

About This Project

BNI Is The World’s Leading Business Networking and Referral Organization.


As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Kenya, one of the key services we offer under our belt is social media marketing and online PR. 

In 2020, BNI wished to market its East Africa Annual Business Conference through digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and was looking for credible Social Media Agencies in Nairobi, Kenya to partner with in publicizing and executing the event. 

You guessed right, that was us!


Target Audience

BNI members in East Africa.

Key decision makers and business owners in all industries in East Africa.

  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Small Business Owners



Having first identified the client’s needs and target audience, we then embarked on a journey to create content that would reach the TA [target audience] through social media on various platforms on a regular basis this also included a strategic social media plan for all 3 stages of the event, pre event, during the event and post event. 

We also developed landing pages on their website that provided full details about the event and facilitated booking and payment  to anyone looking to be part of the event, thus making the information more easily accessible, this combined with our strategic search engine optimization on their website helped create the right kind of buzz about the event.



Although the event was cancelled 3 months in due to COVID-19, the campaign was quite successful, with quite a lot of executives signing up for the event, the ticket sales were also higher than anticipated.

The campaign had a total reach of 500,089 users, 429 sign ups and a conversion rate of up to 20.2%!

Digital Marketing, Main, Social Media