Must Read: You Can Now Promote and Monetize Your Events On Facebook!

Facebook is probably doing more for creatives and small businesses than the entire government! Read below how you can benefit from Facebook paid events.

In a bid to boost small businesses Facebook has once again proven why it is and remains to be the leading social l media platform. Fun fact, did you know, Facebook has more users than the population of the U.S., China, and Brazil combined? and at this rate, the engagement on the platform will keep growing. Facebook has had the cries of small businesses and creatives that have been hard hit by the Corona virus and has officially launched Facebook Business events. The launch is aimed at enabling businesses, creators, educators, and media publishers to earn from online events on Facebook.

Facebook has officially launched Facebook Business paid events. The launch is aimed at enabling businesses, creators, educators, and media publishers to earn from online events on Facebook. Click To Tweet

You can now go ahead and sell classes or events and advertise the event to your followers. People can then pay for the event via Facebook and watch online. 

Whether you are a chef, musician, teacher, fitness instructor, influencer the list goes on this is for you! For instance, if you are a fitness instructor, with gyms in Kenya still closed you can capitalize by selling tickets to an exclusive workout session and have people sign up. If you are an artist this is an even better deal for you, you can sell tickets on Facebook, and get this, even have up to 3 concerts to cater to different time zones. The same goes for seminars and other fields. 

The best part, in consideration of the hardships small businesses, creatives, and entrepreneurs are currently having especially with cash flow, Facebook has decided to waive all fees for events hosted on the platform. For at least the next year.  This applies to transactions on the web and on android in countries where Facebook pay is in play. However, for IOS users, Apple will still take a 30 % tax, with Facebook saying they reached out to Apple to give SBs a break but the discussions were unfruitful. Boohoo Apple! 

The big disclaimer though is that the system will first roll out in only 20 countries and you guessed it, Africa isn’t on the list, but there are scheduled plans to grow the list in the coming days. 

So now you must be wondering how do you sign up for this? 

Well, we’ve done the work for you. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What kind of events and accounts are eligible?

Credits: LawWare

A business that wishes to host monetized events on Facebook will not only need to comply with Facebook community guidelines including rules against hate speech, calls for violence, and sexual content, but also abide by Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies (PMP)  as well as the content monetization policies. 

Among the Partner Monetization Policies include:

  • Create the content on an eligible surface
  • Be located in an eligible country 
  • Authentic/original content 
  • Follow the Pages, Groups and Events terms such as false impersonation 
  • Develop an established presence
  • Follow Facebook rules for politicians and governments 

These combined policies also cover the following prohibited content. Content presented in the following formats cannot be monetized:

  • Looping videos
  • Static videos
  • Text montages
  • Embedded  ads
  • And prohibited behaviors

Restricted Content Categories 

Let’s also take a closer look at the restricted content in terms of subjects that  may face reduced or restricted monetization on the platform

  • Debated social issues 
  • Tragedy or conflict 
  • Objectionable activity 
  • Strong language 
  • Explicit content 
  • Misinformation 
  • Misleading medical information 

Hit the ground running on Facebook by utilising the tips we’ve shared in this article including the links listed below.

This new feature in combination with good marketing through Facebook ads will have you set to launch your first and consequent monetized events to follow on Facebook. Lucky for you Charleson Group’s social media experts are always available for consultations to help you reach your business goals.

Now that you are familiar with all the policies in place. To check your page monetization eligibility, Click here

  • Green – Congratulations! Your page is good to go 
  • Yellow– you still have a few steps to go to meet the eligibility 
  • Red – things aren’t looking good for you! 

Let the stated policies and regulations also be the basis for which you manage your Facebook account. By uploading content that is authentic and original you up your SEO rating not only on Facebook but on other search engines as well. Read our previous highly loved blog on how to stop posting boring posts on your social media.

Let us know below if you ever read through the terms and conditions on Facebook. Or is this the first time you are hearing about some of these things? 

Terms and conditions folks, are as scary as Countdown the movie. We loved it!

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