Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Do you ever wonder if all the Facebook ads you see on your Facebook feed are effective? Or are you a business owner thinking of trying Facebook ads but still unsure about how effective they are. Well, this article is for you.

Just this week I purchased some Yeezy sneakers on Kickstore after seeing an ad on Facebook, ordered a massage on UrbanTap and even ordered a duplicate key for my car from CarKey Masters. So, do Facebook ads really work? This pretty much makes my point. It is however not courteous to try and convince you in a few sentences. 

Let’s look at some statistics:

About one billion people use Facebook every day, making it the world’s most used social media platform with about 2.6 billion registered users and counting.

This means that if you are strategic with your advertising on the platform, you stand to see a major impact from the ads in terms of increased traffic to your page, generating new leads, and hitting your sales targets.

Take it from a seasoned digital marketing firm, Facebook ads work! In this article we’re going to share the specifics, so keep reading. 


Cheapest Mode Of Advertising

Facebook advertising is cheaper than any other mode of advertising, in fact, Facebook’s micro-targeting features give it an upper hand even over mainstream modes of advertising. You can actually spend as little as $0.10 CPC [Cost-per-click], or about $5 CPM [cost per 1000 impressions] on Facebook. This is insanely cheap compared to mainstream advertising platforms such as billboards, TV, radio, or newspapers. No other advertising platform in history is this affordable, especially to small businesses.


You can get very specific in terms of your target audience by targeting demographics, behaviors, interest, age, gender, location, and even language. The main reason why this is important is that audience quality is more important than the size. Quality targeting is what leads to conversions, which is after all is the goal of any advertisement be it on social media or traditional media channels such as TV and radio. And by fact, Facebook has the best filtering method for micro-targeting. 

Flexible content scheduling.

Simply come up with a monthly Facebook marketing content calendar and schedule the posts beforehand. This is a lifesaving feature that also makes the work easier for you, that way you can handle other aspects of your business and still manage a Facebook account. This is especially advantageous for a small business where the manpower is limited. Just set a time and day and the post will go up automatically. Easy peasy! 

Retargeted marketing made it easier. 

Remarketing, otherwise known as increased attribution, refers to a group of people that have already come across your ad or page before. But maybe did not take any valuable action at the time for example, make a purchase. Retargeting is aimed at making sure this said group sees your ads repeatedly in a bid to draw their attention to your brand and become clients. The more you see something pop up on your feed the more likely it is to draw your curiosity and have you take a closer look at it. Retargeting is a great overall conversion strategy. 

Detailed analytics/ Measurable advertising

Analytics are important in helping you keep a record of how an ad or campaign performed on Facebook. Facebook has the most robust analytics in the game. You get so much information on your weekly reach, post engagement, page likes, shares as well as information on which posts did the best. The icing on the cake being, they also give you stats on your click conversion. All of this information is important in helping you figure out what is working and what isn’t and you can alter your content around these numbers. Numbers don’t lie after all. If you master your analytics you are on your way to increasing your following, leads, and sales.

Facebook advertising can increase repeat business.

As opposed to remarketing, in this context you are focusing on the people that have already made a purchase or directly interacted with your content. For instance, subscribed to your email list, bought an item from your site, and so on. The goal is to ensure that you keep the conversation going even after they have made a purchase. Facebook’s pixel, when installed on your website ensures you have all this data and much more at your disposal.

Facebook advertising increases your reach and relevance / SEO ranking

This can be looked at in different aspects. First, if your ads are really creative and reach the right audience these people will not only like but are most likely to share the post thus helping you reach even more people. Ads go viral all the time. The power of the share button!

Facebook ads can also significantly help in increasing your blog visits, by sharing snippets of your articles with a direct link to the website you are likely to grow your blog through Facebook. The same goes for building an email list, all you need to do is utilize your lead ad forms and have people sign up using their email, thus building on your email marketing efforts. Lastly, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] ranking is not only influenced by your website but also indirectly influenced by social platforms. Shares, likes, and comments influence SEO ranking and the best way to make that happen is through Facebook ads. 

Facebook advertising is more effective than organic marketing.

Organic advertising on Facebook is no longer effective. Did you know of your actual followers only a very small percentage actually see your posts? For a business, this is quite a drawback. In order to reach your followers or a wider audience, you now have to utilize paid Facebook advertising. The good news is, as we mentioned earlier Facebook ads are budget-friendly.

If you had any doubts, we hope this article was of help. Contact Charleson Group’s team for social media marketing services. We’re here to take your marketing to the next level.

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