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Charleson Group is the leading digital marketing agency in Nairobi, Kenya. We help businesses in Kenya increase their revenues 3x, 5x or even up to 10x through our proven digital marketing methodologies.


We partner with bold brand owners and together we create winning digital strategies that attract and retain customers.

How? You ask.
First, we know very well that establishing an online presence is the foundation of any internet-based business.


Second, we setup up strategies to attract prospective customers through lead generation methods.


Third, we use data to understand our customers journey and map out the minimum viable audience. Once we do, we use these data points to target newer audiences similar to our already established audience, wow!


Through our complex algorithms and those of our partners we are able to target and re-target only those audiences that will generate the most business for ourselves and our clients.


The outcome is low ad-spend, increased leads and soaring success!

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